It is not a secret anymore that social networking sites have actually taken over conventional media for promotion and effective branding. Today the fashion industry is hugely dependent on Instagram for boosting online presence and driving more traffic and conversions. The fashion and fitness industries that were previously reliant on traditional media coverage are now giving huge priority to Instagram, the most popular image-based social media platform. Instagram has achieved phenomenal growth in these sectors over the last few years. This immensely popular photo-sharing social media channel is utilized by fitness and fashion brands to tell relevant stories about these products using fascinating and captivating visuals.

Media Coverage Is Being Replaced By Social Visuals

Instagram has been designed primarily for storytelling using captivating and attractive pictures and visual effects. As the fitness and fashion industries rely hugely on striking graphics and visuals, it is quite obvious that Instagram emerged as the most loved platform for showcasing fitness gadgets and fashion apparels and accessories. Moreover, by exposing fashion to a broader audience, Instagram has actually played a significant role in liberating the fashion world from a closed-door, elitist, and celeb-hazed approach. Today brands can connect to a huge audience across the globe, instead of just restricted to a few fashion shows or events. Now you could boost your followers by seeking professional assistance from reputed companies to buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram enables fitness industry to describe their gadgets pictorially and also gives potential buyers an opportunity to take a closer look at the uses and features of the gadgets. Moreover, it is pretty motivating for people to view pictures of fitness brands very much in use. Instagram helps in making the job of fitness trainers far easier. Instagram posts step by step high-quality and clearly-defined pictures of workout regimens so it is easier for fitness instructors to train. This is exactly where the fitness brands identified the potential of Instagram for grabbing the attention of countless fitness fans. Here are some ways how Instagram helps both the fashion and the fitness industries.


Offline and Online Events Come Together

In the age before the internet and social media, fashion events were held behind closed doors and the general public only had access to pictures and footage much after the event. As media has evolved, Instagram has taken center-stage as the primary platform for the fashion scene, and we see more designers broadcasting events live, using hashtags to promote new product lines and also increase their audience to a global scale. It’s a whole new paradigm of interaction, and it seems to be ideal for everyone involved.

Using Blogs and Photo Stories to Create Hype

Marketers can add more dimensions to the products or services they are promoting through blogs. This makes it a crucial tool for online marketing. As handheld devices become increasingly popular, studies reveal consumer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, meaning they would prefer visual media over text. Visual storytelling has tremendously benefited fashion labels, especially through blogs. Photo and video stories for shows and events work wonders to create hype among the audience.

Conclusion: Establishing a Brand Personality

It is difficult to engage an audience if they do not recognize or cannot relate to your brand. If you have an Instagram account, you can go deep to develop a brand profile that is reflective of not only the range of products but also the culture and lifestyle supported by the brand, and the message you want to send to your customers. Whether you want to appeal to the social elite or the rebellious youth, an Instagram profile lets you show the public who you are and who you would like to reach out to, after which they can make educated decisions to purchase your products or stay loyal to you.