Choosing a suitable domain name is one of the first steps in starting your website. But choosing the best domain name can often be a lengthy process.

You may have searching for the names, might be brainstorming them and may have even tried domain suggestion tools and after a lot of effort, you have found the best one. But when you go to register the domain and perform a domain lookup, you may find that it is already registered. What should you do now?

You can still try and get in touch with the owner of the domain and find out whether they will be willing to sell it. In this case, you may have to pay a little bit more than simply registering for a fresh domain but is getting the perfect domain worth it?

People Buy Domains for Various Reasons

A lot of people buy domain names without actually using it. If you come across a domain name which is registered but the site is empty then there is strong possibility that domain is available for purchase. The reasons may be many, it may well be possible that the owner has decided to move to another project. But you should be ready to pay a higher domain price.

Knowing About Domain Owner Helps

When you know the owner of the domain, you can contact him to find if it is up for sale. With the help of the domain lookup, you can do it easily and here is why you should do so:

You Can Get in Touch with The Domain Name Owner

If you find that the domain is already registered, then you will have to get in touch with the owner. Once you have all the details of the owners, you can inquire him and purchase the domain name.

You Can Know the Expiry Time of Domain Name

You can access the WHOIS database to find out when the domain is about to expire. It can help you in contacting the owners at the right time. In this way, you can reach out to him and make an offer just when the domain is about to expire or comes for renewal.

You May Want to Edit the Information

Have you already registered for a domain name in past? Is the domain name information that you have provided is accurate? Then you may want to edit the information. It is true when buying the domains to sell them later on.

Finding Domain Name Owner…

It is not difficult to find the domain name owner. With WHOIS domain lookup, you can find the details in no time.  In WHOIS, you can easily find answers related to domain name IP address or the owner of the domain name. When someone registers the domain name, they must provide relevant contact information. If you want to perform a domain lookup you can do it here:

  • Domain Lookup

If the domain owner is not using a proxy or has taken domain privacy services to shield its information, you will be able to get the details rather easily. You easily find where they have registered the domain, the contact details, the expiration date of the domain and the time when the domain was registered.

Once you have the details you can express the interest to buy the domain name or take the services of domain name broker who can do it for you.

In the End

Thus with help of domain lookup, you can find the details of the owner and buy a domain which is already registered.