Are you curious to work in the world of weed? Well, a new resource might make your job-hunting much easier. With eight U.S. states legalizing the recreational marijuana with 20 more are allowing it for medical use makes it clear that this field is set to only keep growing.

So if you are intrigued by the very idea of working in the cannabis sector, read on to take a leap into the mushrooming new industry:

A Competitive Field

The legal marijuana business in the United States is all set to add about 80,000 jobs over the next few years. It has been estimated that by 2021, the direct and indirect dealing of recreational and medical cannabis, including the jobs at businesses that provides service to the pot industry will create around 400,000 jobs. But with the legalization of marijuana competition for work in the industry has become fierce, as people from other industries are trying to gatecrash the sector.

Need to be Extra-Professional

The dressing part is highly significant for the job-seekers nearly in every industry, but it is especially noteworthy in the legal marijuana trade, where companies are curious to showcase that they can work in a highly professional manner by distancing themselves from stoner hippie stereotypes. So dress like you would dress for any other job interview.

You don’t need to be a User

It is but obvious that acquaintance with any product can assist a job selling or marketing it. People from many other industries are also being hired whether they are cannabis users or not. Jobs, like working as a patient counselor or a bud tender in a dispensary yearns for workers who are much aware of the properties of different types of marijuana and for recommending the products.

Pick your Sector

The legal marijuana industry divides itself into few major areas like growing, retailing, infused products and the ancillary devices. If you are not sure what option to choose, a deep analysis about these products can help you figure out where to direct your efforts. If you have experience in hospitality or in restaurants, you can choose working in the marijuana dispensaries, which is considered as the largest sub sector in the cannabis field. However, you can also work as managers in the high-end cannabis shops. Going on the technical side, there are labs that work on infused products like sweets, pizza. So they require technicians and scientists who can assist in product development and testing the finished products. If we talk about the accounting sector, then every Cannabis business company needs a Cannabis Accountant and an Executive Assistant, as it runs on the rules of traditional industries.

The jobs and processes in this industry makes the Cannabis more easily marketable, adds up utility to the product, and makes it more suitable for required use or consumption. So whether you want to step in hospitality or work as a Cannabis Accountant, the coming years will come up with myriads of jobs in the Cannabis industry. Do consider the above factors and get going in the marijuana industry.