Humanity is the mother of human nature. And adoption is the greatest gestures of humanity. Everyone on this planet is God’s children. So, anyone in grief or the only child is a part of your family. Taking care of them is the true human nature. If you adopt a child, you not only give him/her a loving and caring family but also complete the family in a way which is merely supreme.

Here are services and guidelines of a Christian adoption agency. Knowing them before adopting a child is essential.

Christian adoption agency

If you want to contribute to the eradication of grief, poverty, misery, and sorrow with Christian adoption, then a Christian adoption agency can help you by completing various formalities. Such agencies are involved in offering a number of services in order to facilitate the execution of the formalities involved and entirely take the burden of completing them off your shoulders.

These agencies are available in almost every country. The adoption eligibility criteria of every country may be different. They require every adoptive parent to meet certain generic conditions and eligibility criteria to be eligible for adopting a child.

Are you eligible for Christian adoption?

Before anything else, it’s essential to know that Christian adoption agencies may want you to have a stable lifestyle. You should be able to foster the adopted child and provide him all that required for a baby. Stable lifestyle means marital as well as financial stability.


Coming to finances, the adoptive parent should have a constant source of income for a family of three. In general, minimum income should be $30,000 for a family of three (two parents and to be adopted child).

Marital front

When it comes to the marriage front, the couple should be married for at least two years at the time of filing the application for adopting a child. If any of adoptive parents are remarried, a minimum of five years of marital is required.


The most important factor you need to know is that the adoption agencies look for the couple with the crime-free background. So, as a yet-to-be an adoptive parent, you need to prove that you have not criminal history. On failing to prove this, your application will be disapproved by the agency. It’s quite logical how any agency can trust someone with a criminal background. A personal with shady background should not be believed to be given the right for an innocent child’s future.

Clinical background

After the crime-free background, Christian adoption agency does also look for the clinical history of the parent who wants to adopt a child form their agency. As an adoptive parent, you need to have a healthy clinical background. Being physically unfit doesn’t let you adopt a child. No matter how much affection and love you have for adopting a child, the agency will not offer you a child if you are not well or have a poor health record. Not only that, your health check should be free from any chronic ailments as well as fatal habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and the likes

Thus, for being able to adopt a child, you need to make sure that you qualify all the norms set by the Christian adoption agency. Failing to which can result in ineligible for the child adoption form the agency.