Since the previous recent decades, mobile apps have been shifting our lives continuously and due to their tremendous fame and popularity.

Based on Statista, mobile apps are generating roughly $189 Billion US dollars in earnings. Additionally, but a lot of experts have said that the mobile app development sector is among the fastest growing businesses and that it shows no signs of slowing in future also.

After conducting comprehensive research by the company analyst group, we have identified and recorded down beneath the very promising mobile apps growth trends which will predominate in 2019. Nowadays present scenario of the Android App Development company is in a position to comprehend that 2019 will need to know more to get new mobile apps to assist us also for the innovative attributes in the present apps.

The Tech developers are actively working on new creations for the consumers’ convenience from mobile apps. Thus, it’s extremely clear to all people the potential for mobile app development in 2019 will be much brighter. These new mobile apps technologies are unquestionably a boom to companies in addition to individual users to get or find anything anywhere readily.

Here, you will find the future trends of Mobile App Development which will flourish in 2019

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Low-Code Development
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Apps
  • M-Commerce
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Mobile Wallet Apps

1. Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is a technology used to make new electronic currencies such as bitcoin or even Ethereum and It is the core of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology generated the backbone of a new sort of online technologies. It’s a more secure means of sending information, as it does not demand any mediators. The most important significance of blockchain is the chance to make a permanent record of whatever has to be guarded or monitored.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence can be referred to as machine intellect that performs human-like tasks. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the most powerful advanced technologies which are widely used across the businesses.

At the upcoming decades, we’ll see more customers of these.

3. Low-Code Development

Low-code growth intends to make work simpler to create applications by eliminating as much of their hand-coding as you can. They are simpler, quicker and much more effective to use.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented reality and Virtual Reality produces a massive effect on technology, Not just in games but also has penetrated interpersonal websites.

Apps like Instagram and Snapchat would be the largest examples which are demonstrated to be the quickest growing social networking platforms, utilizes virtual reality and augmented reality.

Currently, huge numbers of individuals are using these apps and undoubtedly, these technologies are sure to flourish in the not too distant future.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

In the upcoming decades, IoT technology will likely be widely adopted for mobile app development. IoT, revolutionary technologies are creating lives easier by doing regular actions through apparatus over the net. A study said that within the upcoming few decades, over 5 billion people will use IoT technology.

6. Cloud-Based Mobile Software

Fundamentally, Cloud technologies are utilized to save a substantial number of information across businesses. We are aware there is restricted storage on mobile devices. Newest mobile app development randomly provides cloud administration. Cloud computing is significantly more fast, Secure, Easy to set up and less costly.

7. M-Commerce

Nowadays smartphones are becoming one of the vital apparatus for almost any business to get and sell goods through internet transactions. M-commerce can be defined as, Transactions which are created via mobile devices

M-Commerce apps also supply an instant messaging option, client query clarifications through text, pictures, Voice & Video calls, etc.,

8. Progressive Web Apps

Loaded with functions and with less information in regular mobile apps, Progressive Web apps are the option of developers and business owners now.

Typical smartphone users spend 80 percent of the overall time on just a few specific programs. This makes sense to make Progressive Web apps (PWAs). These attributes ensure that PWAs will flourish in 2019.

9. Android Apps

Android Apps the same as sites developed by Android itself which may be chosen out if not desired. These app is going to be the top-rated mobile app fad later on. With mobile devices becoming a method of life, there’s an increasing demand for Android app developer that can design apps for a variety of platforms. So, you should hire a mobile app developer and find the very best of the advantages of creating your Mobile App, your own way. We give you comprehensive choices to pick from the huge pool of tools and pick the hiring package which suits your needs the very best.

10. Mobile Wallet Apps

Mobile wallet apps are smartphone app at which you could have your banking data stored for a handy method to create online transactions with a tap in your mobile phone. Undoubtedly, there’ll be a massive demand for raising the use and growth of mobile wallets.


The Mobile App growth sector is constantly looking out for new technology as well as the upgrades never has an end. Every app wanders to discover new mobile app which produces a new opportunity to replace these technologies. We have shared amazing insights for mobile app development technologies for 2019.

Additionally, while it would be tricky to spot the specific benefits to your company of all these mobile app development technologies and if that is true, simply reach out to our specialist. We’ll ensure to make your app stick out in the mobile app marketplace.