A dedicated server is a perfect option for larger organizations and high-traffic websites. These servers, coming with robust ability, can allow maximum configuration, customization, installation, and overall flexibility, all backed by unparalleled technical support. Further, a dedicated windows server is designed to let you get the performance you need and reliability that you expect. The servers are engineered to perform and are built for high-intensity workloads that can allow you to control to the very last detail.

The upgraded version of windows server is 2008 Windows Server. This is the most upgraded version of windows server product line since the launch of Windows in 2000.

Why Windows dedicated server?

Windows dedicated servers are the right option to run Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL Server, hosting large ASP or Cold Fusion applications. If your website receives high traffic, you will need to choose a technology that has vast media hosting, extensive database, fast processing web application, complicated scripts, mail system, new testing system and much more. A dedicated server has the ability to handle these activities smoothly. Therefore, if you choose the Windows operating system for your website that has a large number of visitors, then you should look for windows dedicated hosting service.

Here is vital information about dedicated windows servers.

Windows Dedicated Servers is fully managed. They are equipped with full console administration or root access. So, they can give you total control and can increase the quality of your online business. In general, servers are placed at high-quality data centers. By choosing Window based servers, you are able to install software that you require and can also allocate web server space as well as customize the server for better control.

Management and Organisation with Control Panel

An outstanding quality of a Window dedicated server makes it an extremely beneficial service for online businesses. One of the most crucial facets that make it an excellent technology is its ability to organize and manage your server easily. With a comprehensive control panel at your fingertips, you can maintain and scale your website according to your needs.

A Closer Look at Important Control Panel:

The Control Panel of Windows is a friendly tool that is easily handled by anyone with little knowledge of the technicalities of a control panel. However, it’s important to know the role of the control panel in the hosting system and what it is actually.

What is a control panel:

It’s a device that helps users install and manage domains and applications on their dedicated server. In other words, we can day that the Window Control Panel is smartly designed to provide you with maximum input and is extremely easy to handle. With this type of server, it will be easier to maintain and scale your websites.

The control panel is an essential asset for your business and e-commerce websites. This is because the device enables you to monitor your site’s performance and progress on an ongoing basis. By using the control panel, you can organize and manage your site from one convenient location. Besides, it helps you manage your business efficiently and boost productivity.

By having a Windows-based dedicated server, you are able to use windows based application on your website. When compared with other hosting services, windows dedicated hosting can be expensive. However, it can provide you with the best feature for creating a dynamic website which is easy to manage and handle.

Some Other Benefits of Dedicated Window Server

Apart from the above benefits, window dedicated servers can let you experience outstanding performance and superior quality. So, they are considered the best server hosting solution for your business. With these servers, you can manage and organize your servers because the technologies involved are user-friendly and rarely call for the help of an IT expert.

Radical Power, On Demand

With a well-designed window server, you can have radical power on demand. The server can perform as ready to function in your direction. With it, you can deploy your dedicated server in a matter of minutes with instant provisioning system provided by the service provider. You can enjoy pre-configured hardware specs, Pre-loaded servers (pre-configured specs + Images) ready to go and store images in OpenStack.


With so many exciting features, specifications, windows dedicated servers seem to be an excellent choice. In India, there are many hosting providers that can provide you dedicated window servers. The best point is that most the top dedicated windows hosting companies are available online. So, look for a reputable one that is known for providing the best services at the best prices.