Gone are the days when masses used to spend time earning money with a hope of spending it generously after their retirement. The new generation wants to enjoy every moment of life. They do not want to wait for 20-30 years before taking out time for that world tour but want to do it now. With the revolutionary change coming in the travel industry, we have seen a huge surge of youngsters or the generation X planning travel. Since they want to enjoy every aspect of their holiday yearly, they try to take every step possible to make it memorable. However, when it comes to packing smart, they lack certain qualities in making it efficient and error-free.

A spilt bottle of shampoo or a leaking bottle of perfume can turn your happy memories into a disaster. If you are planning to go on a holiday, here are some fascinating and easy tips that will assist you in packing vanity or grooming kit for your trip:

Separate Everything

Instead of keeping everything stuffed in a small bag, try to separate your grooming kit into categories. All the liquids can be in one ziplock back, creams in one, razors and tools into another. This will help you in reducing the damage done during the holiday travels or business travels. You can divide them into small packages before storing them into a travel-friendly vanity bag.

Seal the Bottles Properly

In case you are carrying liquid bottles such as shampoo, perfume or aftershave lotion, make sure to seal them properly while placing them inside your bag. You can place a small piece of plastic sheet on the bottle opening and close it shut with the cap. After that place, the bottles in a ziplock bag and seal it too. In case there is a spill, it will be contained in the ziplock bag preventing your luggage and clothes from getting dirty.

Buy Travel-Friendly Kit

Avoid taking full-size bottles while leaving for the holiday. This will not only make your luggage feel a little light but will also help in avoiding spills. Smaller bottles are easy to handle as they are sealed properly and have limited space to develop gases especially during air travel or mountaineering. These small bottles contain enough product which you might be needed during the trip. You can simply use them and throw them away. You can even Buy Travel Size Mini Perfumes for your holiday trip as well. These are easily available online as well as with your local stores.

Carrying Perfume on the Flight

Most of the airlines have strict policies regarding carrying liquid on the flight. These are strict for flammable liquids such as perfumes allowing travellers to keep very small quantity in their carry on luggage and check-in luggage. Henceforth, you should try to stick to the rules of the airlines. In general, not more than 100ml liquid is allowed in the checked in luggage, given the bottle is sealed properly. In your carry-on luggage or handbag, you will need to keep a very small quantity, about 10-15ml.

Scent Shot Malibu combo pack for women is one such product developed for the travellers. It contains 7 international perfumes in miniature vials of about 5 ml. Each vial is sealed with silicon so you need not to worry about the spills. They come in a classy travel-friendly case so you can keep it in your luggage. Just pick one perfume of your choice, place it in the carry case, which is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. You can slip this into your pocket or handbag without worrying about the airline regulation.

Keep Glass Bottles Safe

In case you are not aware, ground crew literally throw your luggage up and down. If you have glass bottles in your vanity bag, make sure to keep them separate. You can wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in the middle of your clothes to buffer the shock. This will prevent them from breaking. Even if they do, the bubble wrap will prevent the spill.

Accidents happen often during the holiday trips but you should not let that spoil your mood. With a little preparation, you can reduce the hassles, converting any situation in your favour. Do research about the place where you will be visiting to pack essentials accordingly. Buy vanity products and Scent Shot Malibu refill pack to suit the holiday or business trip you are about to make. Confirm with the flight company to know everything about the rules regarding carry-on luggage and check-in luggage. You can find information on the website and travel sites. A little preparation can a long way to fill your trip with pleasant memories.