A sales team is often dubbed as the backbone of a business. A good sales team can escalate your business leaps and bounds, while a bad hire can make you lose out lucrative contracts. Building a powerful business is often a dream for many companies. This task starts right with the recruiting process and continues throughout the employee lifecycle.

Here are some tips to build a powerful sales team.

Evaluate your sales team

Maybe your sales force is fine in many sense, you just haven’t noticed. Your first step should be to evaluate your sales force. It will help you decide how your sales team is how you can grow it. If your sales team is fine, you may need only adequate fuel to make it powerful. It may be done through some additional training or a revamped compensation package.

Value selling training

Value selling training can improve the competencies of your sales channel partners to meet your growth rates. A customized solution selling training, you can accomplish a high-performance sales culture. The interactive design of training includes skill application, group exercises, case studies, role plays, video-based instruction and solution selling best practice modeling, and sales coaching. The proven four-step consultative selling training process that makes a sale team powerful includes:

  • Assess: An effective solution selling skills assessment used to take a baseline measurement of the areas of strength and weakness against best practice consultative and solution selling attributes.
  • Design and Deliver: A customized solution selling training workshop concentrating on the most impactful areas to your sales force and your business.
  • Implement and Support: A 12-Week Field Application Process and sales reinforcement system to ensure the transfer of training that is supported by a proven sales performance coaching methodology and individual sales development plans.
  • Measure and Continuously Improve: A statistically valid sales measurement of the individual and business results.

Know your people

The line between work and home is blurred, so knowing who your team is outside of the office is just as important as who they are in it. To drive cohesion, take time to get to know your people, who they are, what motivates them and what they want out of a career. This investment will pay dividends because as you buy into your people, they buy into you. Show you care, get to know them personally.Christopher Kingman, TransUnion

The above statement stresses sufficient that knowing your team beyond their professional life is very important.

Hiring salespeople

Hiring salespeople is a challenging task as adding more hands can steadily increase sales, while the same step might hurt sales profits. There is a difference between hiring the right salespeople and wrong ones. They are not just responsible for building your bottom line, but they will also be the ones who will interact with your customers. Keeping this in mind, it is important to grow your sales team properly.

How should you look for the right salespeople? Here are some ways:

  • Look internally – You may have efficient people in technical, support or administrative department of your organization that can be successfully moved into sales. Post an add on the bulletin board and wait for the response.
  • Employee referrals – You existing employees are an asset to your company, and there are chances that they know the right kind of people who would be happy to work for you. Ask your employees for referrals.
  • Move your networks – Your networks with suppliers, colleagues, customers, social ones can be the best, cheaper, faster and more reliable source to advertise. Use it.
  • Professional associates – Check with professional associates, they may have job lines to find employees.
  • Local college – Sometimes fresh graduates serve as more enthusiastic workforce. You can hire recent graduates from a local college

Creating a worth sale team is never easy. However, by doing so has multiple benefits that can drive efficient revenue growth. Hope these tips will help you achieve your goal.