A study suggests that people with Parkinson’s disease might live longer if treated by a neurologist. The study also found that patients suffering from Parkinson are less likely to get admit in a hospital and less likely to break a hip. According to American Parkinson Disease Association, every year about 60,000 people in United States fall prey to Parkinson’s disease. This degenerative disorder attacks the central nervous system, hindering movements and balance.

And this is why you need to find the right care team when being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Ideally, you will need a team of clinicians headed by a neurologist with expertise in treating Parkinson’s patients. This webcast has come up with helpful suggestions to find the best care team and how to interact with your team in best way possible.

Members of Your Health Care Team

At a minimum you will require:

  • A primary care physician who takes care of your daily medical needs. This might be someone who you have seen for many years and knows you well.
  • A neurologist heading the team and well- specialized in movement disorders. Now this is very significant as a neurologist dealing in movement disorders will likely be able to assist you in completing your health care team.
  • Psychiatrists, who can help you manage your emotional and mental health problems if they get triggered.
  • Physical therapists and your neurologist will help you find the right health professionals for you
  • You yourself, as you need to play an active role in your own care.
  • Your partner, as the disease can have considerable impact on relationships and this is why including your partner or any family member can make it easy to manage the disease.

All the above people need to interact with one another, but the key person in the entire process will be your neurologist. So how do you find the best neurologists in Noida? Well, you must look for a neurologist in Noida who specializes in treating movement disorders.

Choosing the Right Neurologist

Your primary concern should be to find a neurologist who excels in movement disorders. Obviously, you need someone who can tell you what to expect and who can assure you of the best resources and treatment options available. You need a neurologist who knows when to start the medications and when to adjust those medications in order to get maximum advantage. So how do find such neurologist in Noida?

First of all, you must ask your primary care doctor for a referral to best neurologists in Noida having expertise in Parkinson. Moreover, you can also find a local support group for Parkinson’s patients and you can ask those people for any recommendation on the best neurology clinics in Noida. If you are unable to find the local support group, check out the online communities for people suffering from Parkinson disease who resides nearby.

Things to consider in a Neurologist treating Parkinson Disease

Here is a list of questions for your neurologist that might help you find the best match:

  • For how long has the neurologist worked in the field?
  • Is the neurologist board certified?
  • Is the neurologist a specialist in movement disorders?
  • Which hospital is used by the neurologist to treat patients?

Apart from the above basic questions, the most significant way to choose a neurologist in Noida is by listening to the treatment plan the doctor proposes for you. Does the treatment plan proposed make sense for you? Does your doctor tries to integrate the plan into your daily life and needs? All such questions will make sense when reviewing your treatment plan for Parkinson’s disease. Once you have chosen all the members of your care team, the most significant thing is the smooth communication between the entire team. Remember, your entire team will focus on providing you the best personalized care and all you need to do is to be patient enough and interact smoothly with your team if you feel frustrated or don’t feel at ease. Try to be an active partner in your care and ask questions as much as you can. Establishing a kind of relationship with your care team will help you and your family in coping with all the challenges of the Parkinson’s disease.