With the use of the colored contact lenses, you can change the color of your eyes. They can give you can a subtle or bold look. You can find colored contact lenses in different tints:

Solid Tint– Black contact lenses give you little darker visibility, and they are meant to enhance the natural color of the eyes. These contacts are bets for those who want to look different or who have light colored eyes and they want to make their eyes more intense.

Opaque tint– It is non-transparent tint which can change the color of your eyes completely. If you have dark eyes you can for them to change the eye color.

How do you choose the right color?

The contact lens that will suit you depends on many factors, like the hair color, the skin tone, etc.

For Light Eyes– If you want to change the appearance, but in a rather subtle way then a solid tint that defines the edges of your iris and deepens the natural color will be more suitable for you.  Those who want to experiment with the eye colors may go for contact lenses that are gray or green.

For Dark Eyes– When you have such an eye color, the opaque colored tints are the best bet for you.  For more natural looks, you may choose honey brown or may try even hazel colored lens. When you go for vivid colors, you can stand out from the crowd.

Prescriptions May Be Needed

Yes if you want to go for colored contact lenses, then you should go for a prescription, even if you go for plain color lenses which don’t have prescriptive power or are meant for cosmetic purposes. If you are in the US, then need to have a prescription for sure. If you find that the color contact lenses are being sold in the open, then the vendor is selling it illegally.

Want to avoid complications? Here is what you should do!

When you wear contact lenses, it may cause a lot of problem to you which may appear in form discomfort to the infections.  Here is what you should do about it:

You should always use clean hands to handle your contacts. Just make sure that you are washing your hands with soap and water and you are always rinsing them with a lint-free towel. When you are going to sleep, you must remove your contacts. Planning to swim? Just remove your contacts and before it or swimming it as well.  Never put your lenses in the mouth.

Want to take care of your contact lenses? Just make sure that you are washing them in the sterile solution. Once you have used it, you should discard the solution.

In The End

Whether you are using black contact lenses or some other, you can use this post as a guide!