Admission in medical schools are very tough to say the least. There are several ways in which it can be termed as a lifelong dream for many students across the world. There are many aspects or issues that are now attached to studying medicine than it was one or two decades ago. One of the issues that I would like to discuss here is all about conducting and celebrating awareness/international days for diseases and how students can benefit from them.

Importance of Awareness/International Days

The importance of celebrating days which are designated internationally by either UNO or other organizations is huge. Most of us don’t remember these days related to various diseases, or in that case, any other ones. They are celebrated worldwide to raise awareness for the related diseases, epidemics as we tend to forget or don’t pay attention to them all year round. So why there is this such ignorance in this concern? So let me start with this aspect and then we’ll move on from there.

While we all agree that diseases and epidemics like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Plague, etc. are very serious and life-threatening to say the least, there is a sense of negligence among all of us related to any disease. This is certainly not because there are no facilities or negligence on the part of government or concerned authorities but rather we are responsible for not looking at them seriously.

Creating Awareness for Lethal Diseases in Med Schools

It is quite obvious that if students of a med school, who are future doctors/physicians/surgeons, don’t pay much attention to the above mentioned and other diseases, then they’ll not be able to offer their patients much information about it. Concerned authorities or department heads of a med school need to stand up to this cause and make students aware of the fact that this is quite a serious issue they need to be aware of.

In med schools, international awareness days are celebrated regularly. Workshops and seminars are arranged not only for students but for the general public as well. The students need to know virtually everything about the diseases and the background info so that they can become an authority on them when they’ll actually become a doctor. This is very much a requirement for them at least so that they can start offering their patients and everyone else something about it.

Why It’s Important for Students in the Long Term?

For med students, as mentioned above, getting to know about different diseases and how to combat with them can be really important to say the least. While students do learn about different diseases and illness throughout their academic career, the more they know about life-threatening diseases and epidemics, the more it is good for them. It helps them making sure they are at top of their game and can help everyone around them, be it their friends or anyone else in their social circle and offer the maximum benefit.

While we know that AIDS can be really, really difficult to combat or a last stage cancer can be life threatening to say the least, but we don’t really take good care of ourselves. This is why nowadays the need for such awareness days is immense. As the medical technology is getting advanced and the life expectancy levels are increasing with each passing day, even in developing nations, there is an urgent need to make this sure. Most of it relates to the lifestyle of the people and the eating habit.

What can be done at Campus?

At the campus of any med school or university, much can be done in regard to offering good support to students. There are many ways in which people generally don’t take these diseases seriously as most of them are life-threatening and have claimed millions of lives in the past 3 decades or so. Students can teach people about how the early symptoms can be detected as there are many ways in which a disease or illness can be cured at an early stage. Otherwise even a simple illness can be deadly if no proper medication is taken.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you are studying in a caribbean medical school or the one based in US/Canada. Raising awareness about such diseases and issues must be of high priority for anyone and for students of medicine, this is really important.

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