A majority of people love to consume beverages such as tea, coffee, and other health drinks to boost up their moods. While all these are popular across people of all age groups, coffee has found some extraordinary place of interest amongst its takers. People from the older generation still believes that the caffeine content in it is harmful for human consumption but the modernized upgraded extraction of coffee in organic form has evolved as healthy lifestyle habits for the health freaks.

Here are some of the major reasons behind coffee topping the list of a beneficial beverage:

Best fitted to lift up your mood and make you feel energized- The caffeine content in it helps us in increasing metabolism and physical endurance to feel energized all throughout. This proves very helpful for the athletes, especially when it is consumed before a training session.

Reduces the risk of a stroke- Researchers reveal that consuming a moderate amount of coffee daily can reduce the chances of a stroke by 20%. Caffeine elevates the blood pressure of an individual raising the vascular resistance which is the key source for the instigation of a stroke. It also fights inflammation of the heart muscles.

Burns fat and helps in losing weight- A comparison is always built up between the consumption of coffee and green tea due to the fat burning ability that they both possess. While a majority of people are still unaware of the fact that the caffeine content in coffee can also burn calorie by up to 4% within 2-3 hours of its consumption. Hence, it is very useful in losing a few kilos.

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Cuts the risk of cancer by a higher percentage- Many of us still lack knowledge of the facts related to cancer and coffee but both are majorly linked to the betterment of our lives. Pieces of evidence prove that the risk of certain types of cancer, like colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, etc., can be reduced by the consummation of coffee over a longer period of time.

Helps in maintaining a healthy heart and lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes- According to data present in major research sites, the caffeine content in coffee decreases the sensitivity of insulin in our body and impairs the tolerance of glucose levels, which is responsible for type-2 diabetes in us. Also, it prevents the deposition of calcium in our arteries that lead to a heart disease if the passage is blocked. Hence, coffee proves to be one of the healthy habits for a healthy life and good for our heart too.

Though there are indeed some negative effects of consuming coffee on a regular basis (like insomnia, high blood pressure, low sperm count, etc), the good effects cannot be denied. But the adverse signs show up only when it is consumed in higher doses and when an individual is sensitive to caffeine.

The normal intake of coffee is limited to a maximum of 4 to 5 cups in a day but it’s better if it’s consumed twice a day. Its popularly said that ‘a cup of coffee a day keeps all the tensions at bay’ and it stands true for all the coffee devotees; people genuinely feel refreshed after experiencing the ‘coffee-effect’.