As  said earlier, baking is a science that requires utmost precision and accuracy.  It is also an art that requires the right  types of colors and paints otherwise everything will be chaotic and a complete mess. From bread to biscuits , to cookies to cakes, baking is an art of turning flour into delicious and mouth watering Food. When we talk about baking.   Flour is the foremost ingredient when you enter into the world of baking. It is the most primitive thing that prepares the batter and lends structure to the cake.

As there are different baked food ranging from Cookies, Cakes  and other desserts every baking good comes with its own set of demands.  Different Baking Good thus commands different structural support and position. And since FLOUR is the building block in providing structural stability to the cake so the importance of flour amd how is it used becomes more pronounced and paramount. Choosing a right flour thus becomes a crucial task. Go with the wrong flour and you will be inviting trouble for you and your customers.  If you have no time for making cake , so now order cake delivery in Patna.

So here we are,  providing you an insight into some of the diverse varieties  of flour.  What makes one flour disparate from the other is the “Protein Content” present in them .  Flours rich in high concentration of protein are labelled as “Hard Wheat” while those with low protein wheat are classed as “ Soft wheat”. So lets’ get into this baking stuff thus acquainting ourselves with different varieties of flours that are commonly put in use.

All Purpose flour

Milled from a combination of soft and hard wheat, with a moderate protein content ranging from 10-12 percent the all purpose flour is the most versatile and the commonly known flour.  This flour can usually be used interchangeable as a substitute for other flours . It can be employed for a whole range if baking from crusty bread to delicious cakes and pastries.

Bread flour

Infused with a protein content of 12-14 percent this is the king of all flours. It is the strongest among all the varieties of flour thus providing the maximum amount of structural support. The high concentration of protein is not just responsible for the better volume, fluffiness and a chewier crumb but is also accountable for the browning in the crust.   Is generally used in making crusty bread ,rolls and pizza doughs.

Cake flour

Originating from soft wheat with a lower gluten content around 7.5-9 percent it’s the softest of all flour. Whiter in color and light in weight thus acting a bonus for  allowing cakes to have a rise n and fluffy texture without falling.  It is perfectly ideal for baking tender baked goods including biscuits, muffins and cakes. Also get best quality cake online shop in Lucknow.

Pastry flour

Milled from soft wheat with protein content somewhere lying between cake flour and all purpose flour about 8-9 percent it is am unbleached flour. It is sllthly off whitish in color compared to cake flour.  It is an apt flour to get the perfect blend of flakiness and tenderness and thus is generally employed in baking pies, tarts and many other cookies.  To your dismay, this flour Is not readily available in stores but what comes as a happy point is that it can be mimicked and made in home. So to make your own pastry flour just mix together 1 1/3 cups of All purpose flour and 2/3 cup cake flour.

Self rising flour

It is the most bizarre and peculiar of all the flours.  It is typically all purpose flour sprinkled with some baking powder and salt. The biggest challenge that comes with it is that when stored in some pantry or kitchen the baking powder starts losing its effectiveness as a rising agent and thus should be consumed within 6 months of purchase. Regretful to say this flour is usually avoided and is best suited for tender biscuits and cakes.

Making your own Self Rising Flour is so simple and easy and doesn’t even consume much of your time.  Just combine 1 cup pastry flour with 1 ½ tbsp. Baking powder and ¼ tbsp. Salt. And your Self Rising Flour is all ready to rock the stage!