The E-2 visa is an investor visa for entrepreneurs who want to migrate to the US with the objective of starting and operating a business. They are also known as ‘Treaty Investor Visa’ because you can get only when your country and the US has a treaty. While many countries are eligible for this visa but certain large countries like China, India, Russia, and Brazil are not included.

Although the applicant is not entitled to a permanent residency, he can extend the visa for longer durations.  For some, this might seem like a limitation, but then there are permanent residency options like ‘green card’ on E-2 visas.

Are You Eligible For Visa E-2 Abogado Miami?

The foremost eligibility criteria are that you should be a citizen of the   E-2 visa allowed countries that are there on the list. If your country is n’t on the list, then you are eligible for it.

What Are Key Benefits Of Having An E-2 Visa?

The first thing that this visa gives you is the ability to start your business in the United States, and you can work for that business. Once you get the visa, your wife and unmarried kids under age 21yrs can also qualify for e-2 visas. Your spouse can too apply for work authorization. You can send your kids to schools in the US. There is no higher limit to the number of times you can extend your E-2 visa. So you can easily find applicants staying for more than 15 years in the US.

Do You Have To Spend Money To Get This Visa?

The answer yes! You will have to spend money to get the visa, but this amount can be USD 50,000 or lower.  But it depends on your visa to a large extent. If you are investing in a large business, then your investments have to be proportionate.  It is suggested that if your business requires an investment that is lesser than USD 500,000, then you should be investing 85 to 100 percent of the amount before making the application. If your business requires USD 500,000 to US 3,000,000, then you can make up to fifty percent in investments. If your business requires more investment than this, then you should be making at least 30% investment.

Making the Investments at Right Time

Regarding the E-2 visa, your business should be operational at the time of filing the petition. The consular office wants to make sure that you have committed the funds to the enterprise and it doesn’t exist on paper alone. You will have to prove that you are in possession of the funds and that all the investment came from lawful sources.

Documents to Be Submitted

You will have to submit the documents that indicate and prove that you have made the investments so far.

In The End

If you are applying for Visa E-2 Abogado Miami, then you should be giving yourself ample time to get the formalities through.