Are you planning to buy power assisted mountain bike? In past few years, there have been many developments in the electric bike industry, and they have seen a meteoric rise in the development and the quality of the products. Here is a guide that will help you get the desired electric mountain bike the UK.

E-mountain bike: What is it?

An e-mountain bike is electrically assisted mountain bike which comes with an auxiliary motor that can be switched on. It helps the cyclist when they pedal, and you can choose the level of the assistance.

Types of E-Mountain Bike

The law of the UK says that your bike is legal if it is an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ if the bike has the pedals that propel it.  The bike power should not exceed 250 watts, and there is no help offered by the bike if it travels for more than 25 km/hr. Those e-bikes that meet these requirements can be freely ridden on any cycle path and anywhere else as well.

Pedal Powers

You can easily find hub motors in the cheap e-bikes, but most of them make use of the mid-drive systems which is located near the bottom bracket. Almost all MTBs are considered as a pedal assist, which means that power kicks in when pedal. These bikes are mostly called as ‘Pedelec.’ Then there are others that have the throttle instead where a push of button propels you forward whether you are pedaling or not.


The amount of power which is supplied by the motor is controlled. In almost every bike there is a switch near one of the grips. It is suggested that you should start with low initial thrust and high power may be startling.

Once you have attained the speed, you can fine-tune the assistance that is needed to reach from zero to full power. A study suggests that 250W is the power that is experienced by the recreational cyclist could ride for an hour. On the other hand, 350 W is the power meant for the professional level.  Whether you want to be in turbo or eco mode is not a difficult choice. When you go with higher power, the range is usually reduced.


It depends on how strong a battery you have. This capacity is measured watt-hours (Wh). But other factors come into play such as weight, route profile, outside temperature and the level of the support. If there is non-stop power, you can expect almost 1.5 hours of riding. When you go for moderate assistance, 2.5-4 hours of the ride is possible.

Charging the Battery

When you want to charge the batteries of the E-bike, just plug it into the mains socket. You may need to remove the batteries from the bike.  The charging time usually varies from one e-bike to the other.


These are few things that you need to bear in mind when buying the electric mountain bike the UK.