If you want to book a business hotel in Beirut, this article is worth a read as it talks about some easy tips to get the best hotel experience for your budget – whatever that budget may be.

After all, why should you end up paying hundreds of dollars per night when you can book the same hotel at lower prices with a little more efforts? Hotel deals/prices vary wildly based on how you book. There are, however, ways you can apply to hone one deal and save some money.

Here go the simple tips:


Don’t judge a hotel by the price alone. It may look like counterintuitive, but the hotel you find online – if providing the lowest price – it doesn’t essentially mean that are able to get the best price deal. It’s possible that the higher priced hotel provides you with some additional facilities that lead to adding up more value in comparison to the lower priced property.

Make sure what facilities come with the room you book, and how it jolts your wallet. Besides, how much extra amount you may need to pay if you choose to book a bargain basement hotel room.

For example, if you find a hotel that is $100 per night higher than one at the hotel across the street might have free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, or other amenities you may pay out of pocket for anyway.

A one-stop shop

Booking a hotel that facilitates you a bar, restaurant, and coffee shop and meeting room makes it easy for you to do things conveniently. It’s really very important especially if you are booking a business hotel in Beirut. You can use the restaurant as an easy-to-access dinner meeting spot and meeting room hold a business meeting.

Compare Price

Before making a deal with a hotel, compare the price of several hotels online. You can find many online websites to compare the prices of all popular hotels in Beirut. Make a list of top hotels, and do look into their services, facilities, specifications, great deals and finally the pries. Based on all these factors, compare the prices of all these hotels. Doing this will enable you to get the best hotel deals.

Credit Card Bonus

You have on option to enjoy excellent discounts by using your big credit card bonus. In blogs, forums and other relevant sites, you can find ‘credit card bonus.’ These discount bonuses are known as stacking, travel hacking, or credit card churning.


Whether you book a business hotel or an accommodation for a family trip, expense is always a significant concern. This time, do something to go for less expensive hotels. Many hotels offer more for less, like they can provide breakfast, W-Fi, newspapers, coffee and free local calls.

Loyalty Programs

If you’re a frequent traveler, join loyalty programs to get reward from the hotel. You can join this program for free, but perks you will get like early check-in and room upgrades, breakfast, can add up very quickly, especially if you stay loyal. As a royalty member, you can have some special rates.


Do you love cycling? Is bicycle a fun to explore any city or sightseeing? Select a hotel which offers complimentary use of bicycle. You can get this service for free, which is even more fun when you get it for free.

So, when you book a hotel in Beirut either for business purposes or a family trip, consider the points mentioned above. This will enable you to get the best deals at the best prices.