If you’re not using cloud technology, you’re behind. Cloud computing is a must in today’s competitive world. Reason being, it offers considerable saving together with enormous capacity, high security, and a host of manages services. With this technology, you can store, handle and process your data on a network of server hosted remotely on the internet. If you’re wondering whether or not to choose the cloud technology for your business, let me help you.

Read this post to have the ability to make an informed decision.

Money Saving

Any business implementing new technology aims at saving money and earns a good return on investment. What’s unique about cloud technology is that you don’t need to have your own hardware as everything will be hosted on your cloud hosting provider’s servers.  This means that you can save a lot and dispense with the costs of running your own data center. With this technology, you don’t need to pay for power, space, physical security, air conditioning, insurance or cover the costs of ongoing maintenance.

Instant scalable

Another benefit of the cloud platform is that it has instantly scalable resources and you have the option to pay as you go pricing. Having your own data center calls for computing resources, buying, installing and configuring an expensive new server. If you need this capacity for the time being, you will be making a great blunder by having your own data center:

  1. You are buying something that may lay redundant for most of the time
  2. If your requirement arouses unexpectedly, you might not get the server up and running in time to deal with it.

So, having your own data center is not a good idea.

On the contrary, cloud computing is scalable. If you need additional resources because of an unexpected peak in website traffic, you can easily boost your computing capacity in no time. If that peak only lasts for a day or two, you will have the option to scale down as demand decreases. Thus if you are charged on a pay as you go basis, you only pay for the additional resources you have used. You are not bound to upgrade permanently to a bigger package or hire a new server. Thus, the cloud can provide you with increased agility and cost-effective resourcing.

High Availability

Downtime is disastrous for every business because they have become dependents on applications to their critical operations. Once the server fails, it can result in a dramatic loss to them as the business will become standstill. Getting back online can be daunting.

With the help of cloud hosting from leading cloud hosting providers, you can eliminate the possibility of server failure and ensure 99.99% uptime. A cloud environment delivers predictable and consistent performance with guaranteed uptime. This is possible because your website will be hosted on a virtual machine that can be migrated between the clustered servers in case of any event. The hyper-converged design of cloud protects you against everything, ranging from hard disk failure to an entire server failure. You can keep all critical applications available all the time.

Competitive Advantage

Cloud hosting option provides you with a competitive advantage over competitors who are not yet using the cloud hosting platform. In cloud computing, the deployment time is virtually zero and applications that are important your business growth can be online almost instantly. Also, the scalability features let the small businesses can find themselves on a level of large companies. They can play a more significant role without investing a great amount for establishing their own data center.

Enhanced Security

The cloud hosting technology also establishes increased security by protecting your business from any malicious activities such as infection, hacking, internal data theft, and so on. The best cloud hosting providers are equipped with the latest technology, and they comply with a range of stringent security regulations to adequately protect your data. Some of the security tools that they use are a robust firewall, in-flow virus protection, and intrusion prevention systems. These tools work to detect and isolate threats before reaching your server. You have the option to even spread your office to the cloud with extensive VPN features.

These are the five solid reasons why more and more businesses are choosing cloud technology. If you are also a business owner and looking for the best solutions for your website, then find the best hosting service provider in India. As everything related to the performance, security depends on the service provider. Every best hosting company is available online. SO, you can find them easily.