It’s 2018, and you swing into action for getting a domain name for your business.


Definitely, because the domain is the best marketing tool to buy a space on the World Wide Web money could buy. It’s a serious business tool to drive serious revenue. The right domain name for your website is of paramount importance, for both your target audience and search engines.

However, choosing the right name for your domain and getting it registered is not an easy-to-make decision. It requires lots of cool tricks.

One most common trick is not to go with modern trends and fads. Instead, focus on picking a name that makes sense to your business. Optimize it for the best performance on the web and establish an online presence.

Here are five tips & tricks you should know before purchasing a domain name in 2018

Domain Squatting or Cyber-Squatting

Cybersquatters or domain squatting are people that book domain names of popular brands, trademarked or people brands with a hope to sell it to the right people to earn huge profits. Domain Squatting or Cyber-Squatting may be among the most crucial annoyances for you. When you book your domain, you may deal with cybersquatters (also called as domain squatters).

Better you avoid this. For this, just make sure you secure top-level domains such as .com, .net, .biz, or localized like Do this when you are first looking to secure your brand’s domain name.


You can find many domain extensions for your business, such as .net, .org, .co, .edu, .biz, or even things such as .shop, or .blog.

It’s good to go with a .com domain.  It is SEO fodder and popular. It is credible, memorable, and looks more authoritative.

.com helps with “brand ability” because let’s face it: a .com looks more authoritative, is more common and is more popular than any other option. It is memorable – our minds are wired to think “dot com”!                       -Anonymous

Moreover, users are more familiar with .com domains. They type .com by default into the browser address bar. Most people assume a website is .com and do easily remember. If your domain extension is too weird, they can hardly remember it.

  • “.com is used as a top-level domain (TLD) by 46.6% of all the websites.” Source.
  • 75% of all websites in the US have a .com extension.

Do you think all they have committed a mistake by choosing .com?

Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

After domain extension, creating the right domain name is the next step in the domain registration process. As a budding entrepreneur, you may know that the brand might be a crucial long-term success. What makes a domain name earn immense popularity?

The answer is very simple: “many factors.”

Several reasons make a domain name popular. Some of the most common ones are: They’re secure, reliable, unique, striking, memorable, trusted, etc.

For example,

Google has no specific meaning. Still, it’s popular. Just because it’s unique and easy to memorize. YouTube is another example.

Some factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a domain name are:

  • Don’t bother about specific meaning.
  • Make it unique so you can’t find anything similar.
  • Don’t make it too wordy and complex.
  • It must be easy to pronounce and dictate.
  • It should sound trustworthy
  • Keep it short, simple and predictable

Your domain name should have fewer than 15(-ish) characters. It should not have hyphens, underscores, punctuation, etc. Also, the name should not consist of numbers unless doing so is a must. Say ‘no’ to weird spellings.

Don’t book your domain in a hurry. Take time and make the brainstorming process easier. Your primary goal is to create a potential for the domain name to build brand value over time.


Don’t get disappointed if your desired domain is taken. The domain name service would likely to recommend other selections you could use. This is a constructive step. In some cases, you can come up with a brilliant domain name suggestion. It might be better than your original choice.

An example of an excellent domain name is  It’s short with no hyphens and punctuations. If you read it for the first time, you will sense that this company deals in the travel industry.

Domain Privacy

Privacy is another major concern when we discuss the domain registration process. Make sure you don’t leave the equation. Anyone can conduct a whois search. If you ignore having whois privacy for your domain name, all sorts of information like email address, home address, names, and even contact number can be visible to anyone.  So, it’s good to register for whois privacy for your domain names, particularly for those excellent sites like .com, .org, .net.


A domain name gives your business a unique identity on the World Wide Web, which is a must if you like to promote your business online. Do a little bit of research and go a long way for buying a domain name. After all, it’s the right step to create a title that summarizes the main point of your website.